Marty Griffin Fine Art


March 14th to 17th, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

April 6th & 7th, Holkham Hall craft fair

May 4th to 6th, Sandringham estate craft fair

May 9th to 14th, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

May 26th & 27th, Burghley craft fair

June 6th to 11th, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

July 25th to 30th, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

August 25th, Nanny moon craft fair Dersingham Village centre

August 29th to September 10th, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

October 17th to 22nd, Dalegate Burnham Deepdale pop up shop

November 15th to 17th, Sandringham Estate Christmas craft fair

December 14th & 15th , Holkham Hall christmas craft fair

About the Artist

Born in Dersingham North Norfolk in 1958 I started watercolour painting during 2000 after a need to occupy my spare time with the desire to ‘learn something’.

I have always been required to sketch as part of my long career in construction management in order to convey my design wishes and instructions so that people can ‘see’ what is required.

I am drawn to watercolours as they hold a freshness and fascination of the unknown but now I mainly paint in oils, I believe oils have a wonderful ability to allow fantastic detail and photorealistic artwork that I now like to create.

My preferred subjects are buildings, boats and still life. I sometimes have to force myself to break away from my working environment to paint the wonderful landscapes and coastline in my local area and beyond.

I am fortunate to live on the north Norfolk coast where much of my seascape and landscape work is derived from.

Since 2005 I have undertaken many commissions, from buildings to Tottenham Hotspur football ground, from churches to watercraft, the challenge is always welcomed.

My onetime hobby is now my full time job and is a major part of my life with regular open studios, exhibitions and art and craft shows

I have been selling my artwork for many years and feel fortunate to have several collectors both in the UK and more recently worldwide.

At a recent art show a lady said;
“I really wish I could paint”

I replied:
“It is simply a case of putting the right colour in the right place, however, you have to expect years of getting it wrong”